Company Profile



ABM Real Estate Limited is a member of Green Dot Family. Green Dot is a leading integrated environmental engineering group doing business since 20 years in home and abroad.We have built a reputation solidly founded on its clear corporate vision also provide the best quality of our products & services, with integrity and transparency in every transaction. 

The Chairman of the company is a MBA has come up a way to face the challenge of the severe drinking water crisis in Bangladesh. He started to explore the field of water resources, studied the latest technologies of water treatment plant. For the last 18 years he struggled and worked hard to establish of his own firm, ABM Water Company. He has been awarded as the best talented Businessman for improving the basic business techniques ‘’BRISTOL BLUE ‘’ in United Kingdom in 2014.

Now he has taken a challenge of establishing the ABM Real Estate Ltd. as a developer company.

The Managing Director of the ABM Real Estate Ltd is also known figure as specialist in the water treatment sector and has been working for over 20 years. He is a MBA and PGD degree, gained a sound and versatile knowledge and experience in environment engineering. Now he also joined to take the challenge of establishing the ABM Real Estate Ltd.

The technical hands both in office and at sites endeavor to design keeping in-conformity with the changes in time. The technical hands at sites in association with persons in office ensure receipt of appropriate materials and their use. This intimate coordination ensures quality construction works.

There is constant study and adjustment of changes in requirements of the prospective buyers in terms of architectural designs, aesthetic and functional requirements of apartment.

We believe in customer satisfaction thus careful about quality consistency, timely project handover and after sale service.

Thus in the field of marketing we made a revolutionary change, keeping its price within customers reach and providing constant quality, acceptable to valued clients.

In the financial year- 2015-2016, He has been awarded by NBR for being highest tax payer under the young tax payer category.

The Company has successfully completed all its projects in time.