ABM Real Estate Limited has variety of patrons in Dhaka & other areas, who specifically want a flat to buy. However, though the customers who are not living in Bangladesh, yet they are very important to us. Developers might be induced to the proverbs ‘out of sight, out of mind’, we do not believe it. We are offering NRBs facilities that they would especially benefited from us. Our team has carefully brainstormed these facilities before offering to our customers, and we truly believe that the NRB customers will have an optimal experience to ABM because of these features.

At ABM we always go out of our way and develop innovative ideas to give our customers a superlative experience. This is how we maintain our status as the ABM Real Estate Limited in Bangladesh by winning our customers’ hearts. We have segmented our customers so that we can fulfill the unique needs of each category of our them. The NRB is a very important category among the customer’s, and we go out of our way to fulfill their requirements.


Services Offered Only Before Handover:

Payment Schedule Procedure: Smoothly payment-receiving procedure from abroad by giving special instructions to specific banks.

Project site visit: Any project visit service with company vehicle.

Loan Facility: Easy home loan facility with minimum processing fee.

Documentation facility: No name transfer fee after booking, only documentation charges are applicable.

Services Offered Only After Handover:

Caretaker facilities for your apartments: We will provide caretaker services when you are abroad.

Rental benefits: After handover if you require we will rent out your apartment in your absence.

Furnished apartment: Our interiors team can fully furnish your apartment so that you can occupy it immediately upon your targeted time.


Services Offered at Any Stage:

Interior solutions: One-stop interior & exterior service.

Apartment Re-sale facilities: Brokerage service provided at a discounted rate to our NRB Customers who want to sell their apartment.

Customer service: Customer service executives our maintenance Department.

Hotline: Hotline number for Non Resident Bangladeshi (NRB) Customer.

Modification: Internal modification service by proper communication after allotment.

Secured Investment: We ensure a completely secured investment with proper documents.